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Supplying Your Stainless Steel in Solihull

If you are looking for a reliable stainless steel supplier in Solihull, look no further than Jade Metals. We are a supplier throughout the UK, offering quick delivery of your products with high-quality customer service.

We pride ourselves on being the one-stop home for all metal and plastic supplies in Solihull and the UK. As part of this vast product range, we offer a wide range of stainless steel options to suit all kinds of requirements. As part of our high-quality customer service, we offer bespoke cutting services to ensure that when you receive your stainless steel, it is the size, shape, and weight required.

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Available Stainless Steel Grades

We are pleased here at Jade Metals to be a high-quality supplier of a variety of stainless steel products and grades.

303 Stainless Steel

  • The easiest form of stainless steel to machine
  • High level of strength

304 Stainless Steel

  • The most popular form of stainless steel
  • Most adaptable steel
  • Industry-standard for production of drawn stainless steel products

316 Stainless Steel

  • Food-grade and surgical-grade steel
  • Often known as 'Marine Grade Steel'
  • Greater levels of resistance to chloride corrosion

410 Stainless Steel

  • Good corrosion and scaling resistance
  • Good impact strength

Our Sheet Metal Supply

The stainless steel supplied in Solihull is always done to meet brief requirements, no matter the product or grade of stainless steel needed. For more information on each product, see our Stainless products.

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