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Unibar 200

The softest grade in the Unibar portfolio, Unibar 200 is a primarily ferritic iron that offers remarkable machinability and excellent surface quality but limited strength and wear resistance. This grade has excellent noise, vibration damping, and thermal conductivity.

Unibar 250

Unibar 250 is a pearlitic-ferritic iron that, while still having exceptional machinability and a superb surface quality, provides a strong mix of strength and wear resistance over Unibar 200. Unibar 250 has outstanding noise and vibration dampening, heat conductivity, and vibration damping because of its graphite structure.

Unibar 300

Our grey iron, Unibar 300, is alloyed to achieve the desired qualities, providing it superior wear resistance, strength, and heat-treatment response to Unibar 200 and Unibar 250 while still having an acceptable degree of machinability and a high-quality surface finish. This grade offers good dampening of noise and vibration.

Unibar 350

Unibar 350 is a special grade of alloyed material that offers high wear resistance and strength while achieving the desired qualities. All heat-treatment applications can benefit from the pearlitic structure, which responds better than Unibar 200, 250, and 300 while maintaining reasonable machinability and creating a high-quality surface finish after machining. This grade offers good dampening of noise and vibration.

Unibar 400-18LT

Our Unibar 400-18LT spheroidal iron has enhanced ductility over Unibar 400-15 and is more machinable than Unibar 400-15. It also has better low-temperature impact, fatigue, electrical conductivity, and magnetic permeability. This grade offers good dampening of noise and vibration.

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Cut to Size

With the ability to operate a variety of CNC-programmed Everising Bar saws, we have from 360s to H-460HAs. We offer the service of 1 cut to 1000s of cuts and have a fantastic capability of cutting up to 450mm dia and 500mm thick blocks, so we have you covered. Additionally, the latest installation of our Altendorf WA-80 enables quick plate cutting, which frequently enables a next-day service for plates between 2 mm and 4 inches thick.


To accommodate any hurried last-minute deliveries you might need, we just added a smaller combo van to our fleet of vehicles. In addition to our fleet of cars, we have an agreement with a reputable courier service that enables us to deliver anywhere in the UK the next day, up to and including a before 9.30 am delivery.

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