Choosing The Right Metal Shape for Your Projects

Choosing the right metal for your project is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the success of your endeavour. There are several factors to consider when selecting a metal, including the specific requirements of the project, the desired characteristics of the material, and the budget constraints. It is important to carefully assess the different properties of metals, such as strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and conductivity, to ensure that the chosen material will meet the needs of the project.

Metal Properties: Choosing the Right Characteristics

Metal properties can be defined in four key ways:

  • Formability refers to the ease of shaping the metal into various shapes.
  • Weldability evaluates how easily the metal can be welded.
  • Machinability measures the ease of cutting the metal using a blade.
  • Tensile strength assesses the metal's resistance to breaking under tension.

Metals Shapes and Forms

In order to choose the right metal for your projects, you need to consider the form in which you order it. 

Flat Bars-Flat bars are a versatile material that can be easily bent into specific curves and around various axes. By using the appropriate drilling equipment, flat bars can be securely bolted to each other and other objects.

Round Bars-  Due to their durability and versatility, metal round bars are a popular choice for engineers, architects, and designers seeking reliable and high-quality materials for their project.

C-Channel- C-channel bars are convenient for bolting, especially when they come with pre-installed holes. They also contribute to the structural strength of the metal they are attached to. 

Metal Tubes - Metal tubes are known for their strength and rigidity, making them the ideal choice for projects requiring structural integrity.

Angled Iron- Angle iron is recommended for creating rims or collars on flat metal plates, such as wheel rims.

Jade Metals stock flat bars and round bars, as well as sheets.

Jade Metals Bespoke Cutting Service

At Jade Metals, we offer cutting services to bring you the exact measurements you require for your projects. Waste less and reduce costs with efficient sizing and sustainable practices. Jade Metals wants to deliver customisable solutions for all sectors. Call us today to place your order and discuss details. Choosing the right metal for your projects just became easier! Speak to our professionals today.

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