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Looking for a stainless steel supplier Stockport? Look no further than Jade Metals. Due to its excellent qualities, stainless steel is one of the most sought-after metal materials. Stainless steel is utilised for everyday things as well as tools of the highest calibre for medicine and other applications due to its strength, resilience, and aesthetic appeal. Why not contact Jade Metals right away if you require a stainless steel supplier in Stockport. Throughout the Midlands, Stockport, and the UK, we are a top supplier.

Jade Metals – Your Stainless-Steel Supplier in Stockport

For a sizable number of years, Jade Metals has supplied the metal industry, offering a speedy response so that your company doesn't get left behind. We are confident that we can meet your needs thanks to our comprehensive selection of products, which includes stainless steel, mild steel, engineered plastics, and aluminium.

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Providing Stockport businesses with Stainless Steel

We have supplied many businesses around Manchester with stainless steel and stainless steel fabrication. Stockport has many industries that have benefited from our efficiency of fast delivery and free cutting services.

Stainless Steel Product Range

303, 304, and 410 grade stainless steel are among the many stainless steel items we provide. Since each grade has its own unique set of advantages and features, the industries that Jade offers products to are extremely diverse.

303 Grade Stainless

Grade 303, also known as austenitic steel is a type of steel that is simple to mill. Yet, the amount of hardness and corrosion resistance are both decreased by the presence of sulphur.

304 Grade Stainless

The most versatile and widely used stainless steel is 304 grade. This type of steel is frequently used in kitchenware goods due to its flexibility and superior forming and welding qualities.

316 Grade Stainless

Due to its greater levels of chloride corrosion resistance, stainless steel of the 316 grade is utilised in both food and surgical applications. Due to its resistance to chloride attack, it is very often utilised in marine environments.

410 Grade Stainless

Following heat treatment, this grade of steel frequently exhibits its greatest qualities. It is a suitable material to utilise in high stress environments such as those with chemicals, automotive engineering factories, or for creating medical equipment since it has exceptional corrosion and scaling resistance as well as good impact strength.

Jade Metals Providing Stainless Steel for Food utensil industry

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