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Are you looking for a stainless steel supplier in Stretford? Jade Metals is the only place for you! Stainless steel is one of the most sought-after metal products because of its superior properties. Due to its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal, stainless steel is used for both commonplace items and high-quality tools for use in medicine and other fields. If you're looking for a stainless steel supplier in Stretford, why not get in touch with Jade Metals right away? We are a leading supplier in the UK, the Midlands, and Manchester.

Jade Metals – Your Stainless Steel Supplier in Stretford?

Jade Metals has been a significant supplier to the metal sector for many years, providing quick responses so that your business doesn't fall behind. Our wide range of products, which includes stainless steel, mild steel, engineered plastics, and aluminium, gives us the confidence that we can meet your needs.

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Stainless steel in Stretford with Jade Metals

Providing Stretford Businesses with Stainless Steel

We have provided stainless steel and stainless steel fabrication to numerous businesses in the Manchester area, including Stretford. Our quick delivery and free cutting services have helped a variety of enterprises in Stretford.

Stainless Products

Among the many stainless steel products we provide are those in grades 303, 304, and 410. Because each grade has its own set of benefits and features, Jade's product offerings are used in a wide range of sectors.

303 Grade Stainless

Austenitic steel, often known as Grade 303, is an easy-to-mill form of steel. But the presence of sulphur reduces both the quantity of hardness and corrosion resistance.

304 Grade Stainless

The 304 grade of stainless steel is the most adaptable and popular. Due to its flexibility and exceptional forming and welding properties, this type of steel is commonly utilised in kitchenware products.

316 Grade Stainless

Stainless steel of the 316 grade is used in both food and surgical applications due to its higher levels of chloride corrosion resistance. It is frequently used in marine environments because of its resilience to chloride assault.

410 Grade Stainless

This type of steel typically displays its best characteristics after heat treatment. Since it has excellent corrosion and scaling resistance and good impact strength, it is an ideal material to use in high stress situations like those with chemicals, automotive engineering industries, or for producing medical equipment.

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