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Supplying Tool Steel Coventry

Jade Metals are a trusted stainless steel and plastic supplier based in the West Midlands. We deliver our products around the UK to various industries and companies that are looking for high-quality steel. For a sizable number of years, Jade Metals has supplied the metal industry, offering a speedy response so that your company doesn't get left behind. Our tool steel products can be delivered in no time and our quality products benefit industries with everything they need in tool steel. If you’re local or live in the West Midlands, search no further for ‘tool steel Coventry’, as Jade Metals can handle it from here.

Our tools steel range includes D2 Tool Steel, 01 Tool Steel, A2 Tool Steel, EN24T Tool Steel, H13 Tool Steel and P20 Tool Steel. See below for what you’re looking for:

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Our Tool Steel Range

01 Tool Steel - An oil-hardening ‘non-shrinking' tool steel with the perfect qualities for handling heat treatment. Typically utilised in situations where alloy steels are unable to offer the required hardness, strength, and wear resistance.

A2 Tool Steel -Air hardening with high wear resistance as well as heat resistance. It’s a tough product and generally easy to machine.

D2 Tool Steel- Air hardening, high carbon and also a high wear and abrasion resistant material. A cold work steel that can be used in tools requiring resistance to abrasion.

H13 Tool Steel - Also air-hardening, chromium die steel has resistance to thermal softening, high hardenability and high strength.

EN24 Tool Steel - A medium carbon steel with high strength and can withstand high stress. Used often in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

P20 Tool Steel – A versatile material commonly used for its polishing finish. Tough and strong, it’s great to produce plastic injection moulds, forging dies and die casting.

We offer a cutting service and fast delivery of your products. Get in touch if you’re looking for tool steel in Coventry. We can discuss your requirements and arrange delivery in Coventry or wider. Give us a call or email today.